Comparing Composite Decking and Timber Decking for your decking needs


With eco-friendly composite decking,  be safe in the knowledge your deck is anti slip and will never have splinters. It will never have nail heads sticking out ensuring that your children can run around it it without fear of hurting themselves.


BriteDeck™ is very clean looking being a 150mm wide board. It has no visible fastenings ensuring it looks brand new. BriteDeck™ blends beautifully with any architectural style. From commercial outdoor areas to intimate residential applications it creates a very practical yet stylish outdoor living space that is also environmentally friendly with Brite Decking’s Composite Decking Products.


Increase the value of your home by keeping your deck looking brand new.

BriteDeck™ is colourfast ensuring that your home continues to look brand new even after years of use. Why build a beautiful new home and use a wood decking product that will fade and look old as soon as 6 months and requires continuous annual maintenance?


Time savings of up to 70% have been achieved when laying BriteDeck™ vs wood decking. The incredibly simple but sturdy fastening system means your deck costs you less to install. Visit our installation section to see how quick BriteDeck™ is to install.


BriteDeck™ is maintenance free. It does not require any staining, oiling, sealing or painting. BriteDeck™ is resistant to moisture and mildew. Please visit our care and maintenance section to learn more. It is a very stable product and won’t rot, crack, warp or splinter.


You’ll save all the cost and time associated with the repeated maintenance of wood which is required over the years. BriteDeck™ will cost you less in the long run. See our Maintenance Calculator to work out just how much you’ll save.
It looks and feels like wood but without the hassles of wood.
BriteDeck™ feels softer underfoot than wood.


BriteDeck™ is manufactured from reclaimed wood and new polymers, making it extremely environmentally friendly. Unlike nearly all wood decking , irreplaceable wood forests have not been destroyed to manufacture BriteDeck™.


BriteDeck™ has a high degree of UV stability, is highly resistant to extreme weather, dry and wet, hot and cold. The result is BriteDeck™ won’t warp, rot, crack or splinter ensuring your deck will look perfect many years after it has been laid.