The decking man

The decking Man, September 26, 2017

Budgeting for your Deck

While budgeting for your deck makes good sense, it’s important to understand how decks are constructed and what you are paying for to make sure you get it right.

The Subframe:

Sub frames are the network of support beams, posts and joists that lie underneath your deck. A great deck needs a well-laid foundation, and a big chunk of time and cost will go into ensuring that your sub frame is built to the correct measurements and incorporates a level or fall to match the deck requirements. A sub-frame can be made made from pine or steel, depending upon your preference.

The affordability myth:

The decking boards, whether composite or wood, usually work out to be less than a third of the total cost of building a deck. So if you are hesitant to replace that rotting deck because you think it might cost on an arm and a leg, think again! Provided your sub frame is in tact, resurfacing a deck is extremely affordable. As a matter of fact, thanks to Brite Composite’s maintenance free design combined with our proprietary concealed fastening system, our decks can be laid down 60% faster then traditional wooden boards – debunking any myths that wood is cheaper!

Getting a quote:

The next time you see a glossy ad for decks, stop and read the fine print to make sure you aren’t comparing apples with oranges!

Board sizes: There are no industry standards for the size of decks – meaning some can be narrow or smaller in length. Calculate and jot down the overall area of the deck (length X width) before hunting for costs – numbers don’t lie! From there the formula is simple: The number of boards required to cover the area X the cost of each board.

What’s included: Decking boards are only part of the story. Be sure to ask if the following are included in your quote:
Decking clips
Starter clips
End Caps/Fascia Boards
Delivery to sight

It’s easy to get swayed by a printed sales pitch (we’ve all done it!), but always be sure to factor everything needed to create your decking area before committing to a provider.

Price Guide:

Unlike other suppliers, Brite Decking quotes are per SQM and include all required fixings.

On average, a typical deck (wood or composite) will cost between $240-$350, depending on site condition.

So how does Brite compare? Brite 150 mm Board & fittings cost $99 per SQM, compared to other providers who can often charge as much as $220+ per SQM. Add in fixings and a SQM deck with some leading competitors can come in at over $500 per SQM, turning your decking dream into a budget nightmare!

The bottom line? With a bit of background research and attention to detail, Decking can be an affordable and cost effective way to transform your outdoor space. And remember, with a bit of know how and patience, you can save even more by taking the DIY approach.

Need some expert advice on how to budget for your deck? Then give us a call or send us an email!