The decking man

The decking Man, January 30, 2017

Plan for your outdoor living

There are lot of options that you can choose from BriteDeck to improve your living and security.

As BriteDeck™ is an extruded blend of wood and polymers, the polymers component in the product gives it excellent resistance from the elements, making it far more water resistant than natural timber. However, it should be noted that BriteDeck™ is not designed to “live in water” – this will eventually lead to moisture absorption and can cause the product to swell.

Most warping in timber is related to moisture absorption. BriteDeck™ will not warp provided it is used and fixed in line with fixing instructions. The polymer component of BriteDeck™ is sufficiently stiffened by the wood component to ensure that it will not warp or buckle under the harshest of climatic conditions.