Engineered For Added Strength And Durability.

From its unique variety of colours and multiple wood grain finishes, Britedeck’s Solid Range is the best choice for your decking needs. Our Solid decking boards utilise WPC technology for a superior deck that’s a low-maintenance and durable alternative to traditional wood decking.

Available in a massive 150mm profile, this sleek double-sided design is available boasts a massive 150mm profile and comes in a variety of elegant, earthly colours. Best of all, every XS150 composite board is backed by a 15-year warranty.

Colour and Detail

Stocks Availability

                    Colours                                    NSW                                         VIC                                         QLD                                         SA                    
Silver Ash Running Low Running Low Running Low Running Low
Merbau 3.0 In Stock In Stock In Stock Running Low
Merbau 2.0 Sold Out In Stock Sold Out Running Low
Grey Gum In Stock Sold Out Sold Out  Sold Out
Cedar Wood In Stock Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out
Cape Grey Running Low Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out

Specifications and Technical information

Width: 150mm Thickness: 25mm Length: 5.4mtrs Weight: 25kg

HDPE Clips


Anti Creek Clips

Stainless Steel Clips

Stainless Steel Starter Clips



  • Standard Accessories are supplied with the decking and included in the Decking price.
  • Stainless Steel Clips attract additional charges.
  • Plastic Clips gap between boards is 5mm-6mm while Stainless Steel Clips gap is 3mm.
  • Timber or Steel frame Screws will be supplied at customer request.
  • 15 Clips & Screws will be supplied per board and 1 Starter Clip for every 5 Boards.

The Solid XS Difference

Why Composite Decking?