For Builders – For Architects – For Home Owners

For architects

As an architect designing beautiful spaces, BriteDeck™ compliments your attention to detail.

Not only will the home or building continue to look brand new years after it has been installed, the aesthetic of it remains clean and pure.

For builders

BriteDeck™ will save you significant time and add real value to all the projects you undertake.

It’s superior to Pine, Merbau or any other wood product as every board is a minimum of 5.8m, is 100% straight and doesn’t warp, shrink, crack, or split meaning there’s virtually 0% wastage.No waste of your time selecting ‘Good’ bits and discarding ‘Bad’ bits of wood.

It typically takes 70% less time than installing a wood deck. There’s no pre-drilling, nailing or punching. The concealed fastening system, screws directly into typical joist layouts and spacings, timber and metal sub frames.

It is colour fast so does not leach and keeps any project looking brand new, even after 15 years of use.There is no maintenance, there’s no more oiling , staining or painting!

For home owners

Time is money – you are usually too busy to be maintaining your deck. This is probably low on your priority list.

Keep it that way – BriteDeck™ requires no maintenance and will never need staining or oiling.

Children’s feet will be safe from splinters and rusty nail heads. When installed in a new home BriteDeck™ will keep your home looking brand new for years to come, maintaining its value as buyers are presented with a home with a deck that still looks like new.

If you’re a home handy man – BriteDeck™ couldn’t be simpler to install yourself. Please visit our installation section in the website

Our experienced and helpful staff are here to provide 1 on 1 personal service.