NextGen Titanium Range

Pioneers of the Composite Decking industry in Australia

The Most Incredible Composite Board in the World

Our NextGen Titanium is the most natural looking composite decking material in the world. Built upon a PVC composite core, our Titanium collection is wrapped in a double protective layer of ASA, a remarkable material that preserves the mechanical properties of the foundation material.  This ASA layer provides unparalleled protection against weathering, stain and fading. Each board is absolutely unique in appearance, creating a brilliant visual experience that will redefine any outdoor space.

Best of all, our Titanium range is backed by an incredible 30-year warranty.

Available in 4 gorgeous colours: Arabica – Elegance Redefined,  Silver Grey – The Architect’s Choice, Pacific Merbau – Escape to the Tropics, and Desert Sand – The Coastal Collection.

BriteDeck recommends a Joist span of 350mm for commercial, heavy traffic and larger installations of our ASA range and a 400mm span for residential and smaller installations. Due to temperature variations, breaker boards should be used in place of butt joints for designs longer than 5.8 metres.

Colour and Detail

Product Detail

Width 140mm
Thickness 24mm
Length 5.8 Mtrs
Weight 14.5 kg

Specifications and Technical information

Titainum Clips


Black Starter Clips

Anti Creek Clips

Stainless Steel Starter Clips



  • Standard Accessories are supplied with the decking and included in the Decking price.
  • Stainless Steel Clips attract additional charges.
  • Plastic Clips gap between boards is 5mm-6mm while Stainless Steel Clips gap is 3mm.
  • Timber or Steel frame Screws will be supplied at customer request.
  • 15 Clips & Screws will be supplied per board and 1 Starter Clip for every 5 Boards.

The Titanium NextGen Difference

Why Composite Decking?