Engineered For Added Strength And Durability.

Our groundbreaking Solid XS Technology in a slim and sleek 90mm profile. Blending premium WPC technology with a gorgeous woodgrain finish, our XS90 Collection is an incredible option for smaller patios and residential areas.

On sale now – but not for long.

Colour and Detail

Specifications and Technical information

Width: 90mm Thickness: 25mm Length: 5.4mtrs Weight: 14kg

HDPE Clips


Anti Creek Clips

Stainless Steel Clips

Stainless Steel Starter Clips



  • Standard Accessories are supplied with the decking and included in the Decking price.
  • Stainless Steel Clips attract additional charges.
  • Plastic Clips gap between boards is 5mm-6mm while Stainless Steel Clips gap is 3mm.
  • Timber or Steel frame Screws will be supplied at customer request.
  • 15 Clips & Screws will be supplied per board and 1 Starter Clip for every 5 Boards.

Why Composite Decking?