Project Description:

Location: Picnic Point (NSW)
Board Range: HD PRO
Colour Selected: Spotted Gum
Completion Date: December 2021

The first of many photoshoots showcasing our stunning HD PRO range. This stunning solid profile features a distinct colour on either side and is encapsulated with a double layer of UV resistant coating – ideal for Australia’s harsh climate. The result is a board that is gorgeous and built to withstand heavy usage.

The HD PRO is fast becoming one of our most popular boards – and with good reason. The versatility of a double sided boards opens up a world of design possibilities and also provides homeowners the option to change their colour tone to suit.

The Spotted Gum is one of the most natural looking decking boards in the world and boasts a P5 slip rating – ideal for this pool side/surf shack outdoor setting that will remain a focal point of family gatherings for years to come.