Pioneers of the Composite Decking industry in Australia

Recent Project: Eatons Hotel – Australia’s Best Board for Australia’s Best Pub

The Eatons Hill Hotel is one of the biggest pubs in the world and an institution of Brisbane. The team were eager to complement their spectacular Gold Coast waterfront views with a highly functional and visually stunning design worthy of this iconic landmark. 

The materials had to be:

  • Visually Stunning
  • Able to handle extremely high foot traffic (thousands of people a year!)
  • Low Maintenance – spilt beer and food, scuff marks, pets, kids – everything imaginable!
  • Wear and tear – a massive commercial entertainment area

After months of research, the team approached BriteDeck to come up with a solution. The result? A massive 1000 SQM outdoor entertainment venue using our NextGen Titanium Collection in Silver Grey and Desert Sand.

Merbau Collection with Rowan Howard

Merbau decking is known for its durability and resistance to weathering. It is resistant to termites, carpenters love working with it due to its high screw holding ability and experts agree that it is hard and dense. Its deep brown colour can be exotically complementary to other timber decks, or make a striking contrast as an all-merbau deck. Low maintenance, durable alternative to merbau wood decking. Perfect for that authentic timber look.

Why choose BriteDeck?

BriteDeck is an Aussie Composite Decking is a leading supplier in Australia. Made from sandwiched blocks of recycled plastic, our composite decking products are lightweight, durable and eco friendly with up to 30 year warranty against rot and insect attack. Constructed using a top secret concealed fastening system, fitting your new deck will be quick and easy – saving you time and money.

DIY Installation Video

Enjoy your backyard space all year long with this Step-By-Step deck installation video. For you DIYers out there, or for those who are looking to install a new deck in their home, this video is intended to help you understand how BriteDeck boards can be installed to replace your current or new deck. If you have any further questions, please contact the manufacturer of the decking material or contractor who installed your existing decking material and they will be able to assist you.

Why choose BriteDeck?

While for years timber has been the natural choice for decking, it must be maintained and over time can weather, crack and deteriorate particularly in areas that are exposed to harsh weather conditions like rain, sun and salt. BriteDeck composite decking is made from Australian hardwood fibre, recycled plastics and polyethylene. BriteDeck is environmentally friendly with no maintenance required during its life span and has an impressive 30-year product warranty against colour fading, shrinkage or cracking.

DIY BriteDeck Installation Animation

This easy to follow DIY deck installation animation will have you confidently installing your new composite deck in no time.

Durable and low maintenance, synthetic decking is low-maintenance and affordable. Unlike traditional wood railing, a composite decking installation is easier to install and does not need additional supports. Watch our DIY video for tips on how to get the most out of your composite decking installation project.