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Everything you need to install a deck

We created the world’s first concealed fasting system exclusively for Composite Decking. Our fastenings remain hidden beneath the decking board – no visible screws, clips or dangerous rusty nail heads – keeping your deck safe and looking brand new all day, every day.

Best of all, our orders are shipped with all the composite accessories and composite decking products you need to install your deck

Board Clips

Composite Accessories

Titanium Clips

Composite Accessories

Deck clip 150mm boards timber frame

Composite Accessories

HDPE CLIPS for 88mm

Composite Accessories

Stainless deck clips 88mm

Starter Clips

Composite Accessories

Black Starter Clips

Composite Accessories

Stainless Steel Starter Clips

End Caps

Composite Accessories

Redwood end-caps

Composite Accessories

Mountain Ash end-caps 

Composite Accessories

Mocca end-caps

Composite Accessories

Slate grey end-caps

Composite Accessories

Cedar end-caps

Batten & Joist

Composite Accessories

Black Batten


Batten/Joist – Black – 57mm x 32mm x 2.9metres

Plastic Clips (150mm board)

Board Clips (88mm board)


  • Standard Accessories are supplied with the decking and included in the Decking price.
  • Stainless Steel Clips attract additional charges.
  • Plastic Clips gap between boards is 5mm-6mm while Stainless Steel Clips gap is 3mm.
  • Timber or Steel frame Screws will be supplied at customer request.
  • 15 Clips & Screws will be supplied per board and 1 Starter Clip for every 5 Boards.
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