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Transform your outdoor with Brite composite decking.

Brite Deck™ Composite Decking is a low maintenance, cost-effective and eco-friendly decking board designed exclusively for the Australian outdoors. Established in 1999, we are the pioneers of Composite Decking products – an alternative to traditional timber decks that replicates the look and feel of natural wood without the maintenance hassles.

Britedeck™ - Why we are better than the rest

What do our customers say?

Actual decking colours may slightly vary from colours shown on your monitor/device. Colours can be verified by ordering a free sample from our Site.

Our 150mm Composite Deck Colors

Composite decking, Mountain Ash HB/WG 150mm
Mountain Ash HB/WG 150mm

Sleek & sophisticated – blends seamlessly with almost every environment

Composite decking, Copper Brown HB 150mm
Copper Brown HB 150mm

A wholesome earthy tone grounded in the natural world

Composite decking, Grey HB 150mm
Grey HB 150mm

Our most popular colour – A powerful yet subtle tone

Composite decking, Redwood HB 150mm
Redwood HB 150mm

A timeless ambassador from yesteryear

Composite decking, Mocca WB 150mm
Mocca WB 150mm

Understated yet classy and alluring

Composite decking, Cedar WG 150mm
Cedar WG 150mm

Brings warmth and richness to any setting

Our 88mm Composite Deck colors

Composite decking, Copper Brown HB 88mm
Copper Brown HB 88mm

A wholesome earthy tone grounded in the natural world

Composite decking, Grey HB 88mm
Grey HB 88mm

A favourite amongst designers



Anti slip, no splinters, no nail heads sticking out.

Money Saving

BriteDeck™ will cost you less in the long run.


Look brand new even after years of use.

Time Saving

Time savings of up to 70% over wood decking.

No maintenance

It does not require any staining, oiling, sealing or painting.


Manufactured from recycled wood and new polymer.


Highly resistant to extreme weather, dry, wet, warm, cold.

Looks Better

Clean looking, no visible fastenings, fits with any style.