Timber Vs Composite

Comparing Composite Decking and Timber Decking for your decking needs.

For decades timber has been the go-to material but comes with multiple sets of drawbacks such as its sensitivity to harsh climates, requiring high levels of maintenance and is prone to rotting. Composite has several benefits over wood.

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Is Composite Decking Cheaper than timber?

The true value of any investment is initial + long term costs. There is no better application of this formula than the debate between composite decking vs wood decking prices.

When comparing the raw materials itself, timber decking boards can be cheaper. When comparing quotes though, the boards are just one part of the complete picture, which includes:

  • subframe construction
  • installation Time and Cost
  • staining and oiling
  • maintenance and upkeep

The pitfalls of wood decking are well known. Timber is an organic product, and in most instances will:

  • develop hazardous splinters
  • warp due to moisture absorption
  • rot and attract termites
  • require annual sealing and oiling

The actual cost of a timber decking board quickly becomes apparent – from extensive maintenance to mitigating safety hazards, preserving your wood decking could set you back almost $2000 a year. Our composite decking is a beautiful and low-maintenance product crafted from a blend of polymers and recycled wood, providing all the benefits of traditional timber without the maintenance – no rot, no termites, and no need for oiling or painting. Use our price calculator to get an idea of the cost.