Test Certifications

Because we are composite Decking Industry Pioneers

Every BriteDeck Composite board is tested to ensure compliance with Australian building standards and regulations. If you require information not covered in the test reports below, please get in touch with our customer service team to discuss your query.

Flame Protect – BAL29 – Test Report
Flame Protect – BAL 29 – Certification
ASA Next GEN – UV Test
ASA NextGen – Slip Test
ASA Next Gen – Fire Test
ASA NextGen – Abrasion Test
XS 150 – Fire Test
XS 150 – Slip Test
XS150 – UV Test
XS150 – Bending Test
XS150 – Material Safety Data Sheet
XS150 – Thaw and Boiling Test
XS150 – Abrasion Test
XS150 – Formaldehyde Test