NextGen Titanium Range Boards

The Ultimate BAL-29 Decking for Exquisite Weather Resistance

Experience the pinnacle of outdoor luxury with NextGen Titanium, the world’s most exceptional decking material. Crafted with precision, our Titanium collection combines a PVC composite core with a double protective layer of ASA—a revolutionary material pioneered by the automobile industry to endure relentless sun and UV exposure. The result? Unmatched protection against weathering, stains, and fading, ensuring your deck retains its pristine beauty for years to come.

Each board is BAL- 29 certified and unique in appearance, creating a brilliant visual experience that will redefine any outdoor space.

Trusted by Australia’s best designers, our Titanium range is backed by an incredible 30-year warranty.

Available in our Ultra 210 mm or Designer 140mm width profile and 8 gorgeous colours:

WoodGrain: Arabica,  Silver Grey, Pacific Merbau, Willow Oak and Osage (available in 140mm & 210mm)

Matte Sanded: Tawny, Graphite, Fossil, Umber (available in 140mm)

For designs exceeding 5.8 meters in length, Brite Decking recommends incorporating breaker boards to maintain structural integrity while maximizing the beauty of your deck

Colour and Detail

Product Detail

Width 140mm and 210mm
Thickness 24mm
Length 5.8 Mtrs
Weight 14.5 kg

Available in matching Bullnose and Fascia colour



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