Cleaning and Care

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Brite Decking Composite decking care.

With proper installation and care, Brite Decking composite decking offers years of enjoyment. Follow these sensible guidelines to ensure the longevity and durability of your deck. One of the best features of composite products is their low maintenance nature, eliminating the need for staining, oiling, or painting, while still providing resistance to rotting and cracking.

Periodic Inspection

Periodic inspection and cold water washing of the deck surface are recommended to maintain its appearance and performance. While we cannot predict the exact environment your decking will be installed in, regular cleaning has shown to prevent the accumulation of dirt and grime, keeping the deck surface clean and inviting.

The decking is not indestructible

While durable, the decking is not indestructible. Dragging heavy or sharp objects across the surface may cause scratches, as with any composite or wood decking material. However, Brite Decking stands out by offering a unique solution for damaged boards. You can either steel brush the surface in the direction of the grain or flip the board over and use the other side. Any color difference will naturally disappear within 8-10 weeks.

Basic Cleaning Recommendations

Read this blog for more on how to clean and maintain composite deck and check out our comprehensive cleaning videos below.

Getting Rid of Moulds


Removing Stains