Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Britedeck is a mixture of recycled wood fibre and polymers. This makes a product which is durable, longlasting, maintenance-free and which has the warm look and feel of timber. It is a combination of the best features of both wood and polymer.

Timber is a finite, natural resource. Some hardwood species are becoming increasingly rare and expensive. Cutting down trees destroys their ability to store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, a key cause of global warming. Britedeck uses wood scraps – waste products from forestry combined with recycled plastics to make a sustainable new product. For example, each lineal metre of our Solid XS150 range contains approximately 33 recycled plastic bottles and 2.5kgs (50%) of recycled wood dust.

Additionally, chemical stains and sealants, many of which are made from fossil fuels are not necessary to maintain Britedeck.

Britedeck is an Australian-owned and operated company.

We love timber for its warmth and timelessness. But composite decking has evolved to look just as warm, stylish and practical. Gone are the days when composites looked fake and just like plastic. New technology means our decking has a natural looking grain and a natural finish. It adds a beautiful design element to any project.

Britedeck’s collection complements any design or style, whether classic or contemporary.

Colours such as Charcoal Grey from our Urban Eco collection and Midnight from the Titanium range will give you a modern, industrial chic look.

If you prefer the classic, timeless look of Merbau and Cedar, choose from Britedeck’s Solid XS range or the Old Boat collection with its rustic, smooth, driftwood texture.

There are on-trend Scandi finishes such as Limewash and Silver Grey or, if you’re after that luminous, polished coastal look, try the beachy tones of Desert Sand or Antique Beach Sand.

You can see our full range of colours and finishes here.

Follow the installation instructions and even in the harshest climatic conditions, Britedeck will not warp. This is because the product does not absorb water. Ensure the proper spacing between joists to avoid problems like sagging or buckling and to make sure moisture is not trapped on top of the joists.

Britedeck does not splinter because the wood fibres are encased in plastic.

It is not combustible but can, however, be damaged by fire. Our Flame Protect boards are certified BAL-29 (which means they won’t succumb to attack by flying embers) and the Titanium range will soon be updated to BAL-29.

Britedeck is termite-proof and the Britedeck range includes anti-scratch, fade resistant, mould-free, and anti-slip finishes.

Mould is a naturally occurring living organism that will develop on any material exposed to moisture and with little direct sunlight – wether it be composite, timber or steel. It is critical to understand your environment and assess the possibility for excess moisture and limited sunlight exposure before building your deck.

Over the first few weeks you can expect some fading if your deck is exposed in an uncovered area and even some leaching of tanins from the wood particles. This will normalise in a couple of months. For more information, see Cleaning and care.

Normal use and foot traffic will not damage Britedeck. Ensure your furniture is protected by easilyobtained felt pads and if scratch marks do occur, Britdeck is unique in that it can be repaired. Wire-brush the surface in the direction of the grain, or turn the board over.

Britedeck is the most cost-effective composite decking on the Australian market. Remember the decking boards are only around 25% of the total cost of your project. Britedeck’s installation costs are up to 70% lower due to our simple, but sturdy fastening system. And you save 100% on maintenance costs over the life of your deck.

Britedeck offers boards which are longer, wider and thicker than industry standards. This means fewer boards are needed to complete a project.

For each square metre of decking, timber will cost you around $80 excluding nails and fixings.

An equivalent Britedeck product will cost about $100 including all fastenings. A square metre of timber will cost you $15 a year to maintain. Britedeck costs nothing in maintenance. For a 10sqm deck, you will save $1500 in maintenance costs over ten years. Maintenance is not only costly, but time consuming, time you could spend outside just enjoying your deck.

Longer than timber! Our products are guaranteed to at last for up to 30 years depending on the range you choose.

Sweep regularly and wash with cold water and sugar soap. Heavy stains can usually be removed with diluted household degreaser. There’s no oiling, staining, sealing, sanding or painting. Ever.

Britedeck has a textured surface and a P5 slip rating. It’s not affected by salt or the sea air and it’s perfect for marinas, boardwalks, jetties, swimming pools and spas. With its unique, hidden fastener system, Britedeck is flexible and will not warp with moisture or extreme weather. You can use Britedeck anywhere you would have previously used timber, subject to Local Government regulations and and necessary approvals.

Britedeck’s warranty covers cracking, splitting, rotting, flaking, peeling, warping, moisture and termites from the date of your purchase.

The warranty varies according to the product you choose:

  • The Titanium range is covered for 30 years for home use and 15 years for commercial applications.
  • XS Solid, Old Boat and Classic Hollow Boards have a 15-year warranty for residential use and ten years for commercial application.
  • There is a ten-year warranty on the Eco-Budget and Synwood range for residential use

Rembember the warranty will be voided if you stain, oil or paint your Britedeck boards.

More questions? Let’s talk!

Technical/Installation FAQs

Absolutely. You will save up to 70% of the installation costs by making your deck a DIY project. Britedeck comes with a quick and easy, concealed fastening system which makes installing Britedeck much faster than timber. Download our comprehensive installation guide.

  • Urban Eco – 138mm wide x 5.4m long
  • Solid XS – 150mm wide x 5.4m long
  • Old Boat – 150mm wide x 5.4m long
  • Titanium NextGen – 140mm wide x 5.8m long

Sketch out the shape of your deck and its position in relation to your house, taking into account doors, and stairs. Determine what size deck you want. Your final measurements must include any necessary setbacks from boundaries, fences and neighbouring properties.

Know where any drainage, sewer, gas, water and phone lines are. You should enquire here.

Once you know the size of your deck, Britedeck’s experienced staff can work out the quantity of boards you will need for the job. Every order comes with the required amount of starter clips, decking clips, screws, anti-creep clips and a driver bit to fit your screws. We will need to know whether your subframe is timber or metal.

The subframe must be adequate to support the load of the deck. We recommend a height of 30cm. The joist span will vary with your choice of Britedeck product. All the information is here.

Britedeck can also be installed over concrete, using batterns which we supply. Check page 18 of the installation guide.

No. Britedeck is for exterior use only.

Standard wood working tools. Drills, saws, sanders, a tape measure, level and cordless screwdriver with bits including countersink bits.

You’ll also need Personal Protective Equipment such as safety glasses, ear protection and work boots.

Allow 2mm for every plus or minus six degrees at the time of construction up to a maximum of 6mm.

Just like timber, Britedeck needs adequate ventilation to allow it to dry out thoroughly after rain. It needs a substructure to avoid rot or corrosion and should never be installed directly on the ground. See page four of the installation guide.

We can supply end-caps in colours to match each range. These will prevent moisture penetration and stop insects from getting inside the boards.

Please allow three days after purchase for your boards to be delivered. Contact our sales team for more urgent delivery.

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