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Because we are composite Decking Industry Pioneers

What is Britedeck™?2019-03-07T08:19:59+08:00

Polymer and wood fibres are blended to create our decking material. The best composites are those manufactured with the finest wood flour so that the polymer can protect (encapsulate) each fibre. Composite products combine the best features of both wood and polymer.

Does the environment benefit?2019-03-07T08:20:58+08:00

Yes – as the materials used are virgin polymers and recycled wood fibres from the factory’s own wood processing plants in Canada.

How big is the gap between the deck boards?2019-03-07T08:21:25+08:00

Using the clip system the space is automatically set at 6mm.

How do i fix it?2019-03-07T08:21:48+08:00

Just like wood, Britedeck™ can be sawn, drilled and sanded. As it has a unique concealed fastener system there are no visible screws or nails protruding from the board.

How much will Britedeck™ expand or contract?2019-04-22T19:10:11+08:00

The standard rate of expansion or contraction for Britedeck™ is 2mm for every plus/minus 6 degrees C at the time of installation (Max. of 6mm).

Where can i use Britedeck™?2019-04-22T19:11:01+08:00

Anywhere you would previously have used timber (subject to Local Government Regulations and Council approval if required) – such as decks, around pools and spas, marinas and pontoons, boardwalks, school play areas, etc.

Can this product be used for marinas pontoons?2019-04-22T19:11:29+08:00

Britedeck™ is ideal for applications such as marinas, boardwalks, etc. With the unique hidden fastener system, the decking has the ability to flex and prevents the boards from warping, splitting or tearing away. It is also ideal for around swimming pools and spas.

What is the moisture resistance of Britedeck™?2019-04-22T19:11:51+08:00

As Britedeck™ is an extruded blend of wood and polymers, the polymers component in the product gives it excellent resistance from the elements, making it far more water resistant than natural timber. However, it should be noted that Britedeck™ is not designed to “live in water” – this will eventually lead to moisture absorption and can cause the product to swell.

Does Britedeck™ need ventilation?2019-04-22T19:12:10+08:00

Yes, like timber, it is important to provide adequate ventilation to ensure Britedeck™ is able to dry out after being wet.

Will it warp?2019-04-22T19:12:29+08:00

Most warping in timber is related to moisture absorption. Britedeck™ will not warp provided it is used and fixed in line with fixing instructions. The polymer component of Britedeck™ is sufficiently stiffened by the wood component to ensure that it will not warp or buckle under the harshest of climatic conditions.

Does it splinter?2019-04-22T19:12:54+08:00

NO. This is ideal for small children.

Does it burn?2019-04-22T19:13:11+08:00

Britedeck™ is “non-combustible” but as with all materials, it is damaged by fire.

Is it termite resistant?2019-04-22T19:13:31+08:00


Is Britedeck™ slippery?2019-04-22T19:13:49+08:00

No! It has a textured surface and is very good for use around wet areas such as spas, pools, marinas etc.

Is Britedeck™ suitable for use around swimming pools?2020-07-17T10:12:47+08:00

Britedeck Composites are ideal around Pool areas and have a P5 slip rating to match. Please cater for adequate ventilation when installing on wet areas.

Can Britedeck™ be used by the sea?2019-04-22T19:14:27+08:00

Britedeck™ is ideal in a marine environment, being unaffected by salt air.

How can i clean and maintain Britedeck™?2019-04-22T19:14:46+08:00

Britedeck™ is relatively maintenance free. Sweeping and cleaning with normal household cleaners.

Can i paint or stain or paint my Britedeck™?2019-04-22T19:15:07+08:00

Staining or painting will void all warranties as these products will ultimately peel and fall off.

Do water marks appear on Britedeck™?2019-04-22T19:15:29+08:00

Being a wood based product, Britedeck™ may experience a naturally occurring process called Extractive Bleeding. This process may cause temporary discolouration that will fade away with exposure to further weather. In most cases this process takes 8-10 weeks but could vary depending on location and specific application such as a covered porch. Please refer to our care and maintenance section.

Is Britedeck™ mould resistant?2019-04-22T19:15:51+08:00

Britedeck™ is generally quite resistant to mould, however if it doesn’t have sufficient ventilation or there are areas where pollen can collect and doesn’t get exposure to sun, mould may appear. Mould and mildew may grow on the deck in some circumstances, especially in damp shaded areas, or if it “sweats” under the plastic cover (especially in rain) before installation. Failure to keep packs dry in storage can lead to the growth of mould spores on boards. Clean as per directions under “Care and maintenance”.

What joist span do i use?2019-04-22T19:16:21+08:00

Some Britedeck™ products have different joist spans to similar timber products. Please check our fixing instructions (link) on our website.

What are the standard colours and sizes?2019-04-22T19:16:47+08:00

Britedeck™ decking is available in three standard colours: – Redwood, Cedar and Grey. Check specifications for exact details about the product such as board lengths, weights etc. Colours may vary from batch to batch, however different batches of the same colour will weather to within a commercially acceptable tolerance.

How do i cover the “hollow” ends?2019-04-22T19:17:12+08:00

With Britedeck™ products that have hollow sections, it is common to cover exposed ends with “end-caps” (available in all colours). This will avoid avoid potential water /moisture penetration as well as spiders and cockroaches. To give the best effect, it is suggested that either end-caps or fascia board is used.

Are there special tools required for working with Britedeck™?2019-04-22T19:17:41+08:00

With Britedeck™ you can use standard power saws and drills. As with using any power tools, safety glasses and face masks should be used when cutting or drilling Britedeck™. The Britedeck™ “sawdust” is a coarse, heavy sawdust that doesn’t tend to “float” in the air. This makes it very safe for handling.

How should Britedeck™ be stored and handled?2019-04-22T19:18:08+08:00

Whether at the timber merchant premises or at your own house awaiting installation, Britedeck™ should be stored in a dry, flat area under roof. Failure to keep packs dry in storage can lead to the growth of mould spores on boards. When moving product around, Britedeck™ should be carried on its edge.

Is Britedeck™ guaranteed?2019-04-22T19:18:32+08:00

Yes, please refer to warranty section of our website for more info. All product performance claims are based on Britedeck™ products being used as recommended and installed in accordance with Britedeck™’s minimum fixing specifications.