Composite Joist Decking

Composite Joist Boards with Battens

A simple and elegant solution for decking over existing concrete or tiled surfaces. Placed on a level base, our battens provide a reliable alternative to traditional substructures when required.

Product Detail

Dimension (W x H) 57mm x 32mm
Length 2.2m and custom order up to 5.8m
Colours Available Black
Qunatity required per SQM 3. per 12sqm
Joist Span – Commercial 350mm
Joist Span – Residential 450mm
Material Composition 55% wood fibre + 35% HDPE + 10% additives
Black composite joist or batten

How To Use

Brite Decking works with minimal clearance and can be fitted onto concrete using our high quality battens. Mainly used to lay decks on top of concrete and excellent alternative to traditional timber sub frame as it is water absorbent and does not rot nor warp.

Brite Decking battens can be laid with either side vertical (57mm or 32mm) depending on your preference. Use a maximum spacing of 450mm for residential.

  • 57mm: If 57mm is horizontal, use a Dynabolt to fix the battens to concrete. For 2.2mm battens, 2 bolts will be adequate.
  • 32mm: If 32mm is horizontal, a 90-degree right angle bracket should be fitted to both the batten and into concrete.

Getting Started

Lay Battens with Maximum 450mm spacing (for residential)

Use a Dynabolt to secure the batten

Use Starter Clip to secure first board

Remaining Boards

Continue to secure decks via concealed clips and screw

Battens can be sawn or drilled like timber, no special tools required

Component CAS Percentage
Wood Flour / Rice Husk Plant Fibre Mixture 55%
HDPE / PE Coupling Agent 9002-88-4


Pigment 1345-25-1



Lubricant 557-05-1 2%
Reinforcing Filler 14807-96-6 3.5%
Additives (Antioxidants; Fungicides; UV Absorbers; etc.) 6683-19-8


0.5 – 0.75%

Specifications and Technical information

Why Choose Composite Decking for your Project?