Project Description:

Location: Sandstone Point, QLD
Board Range: NextGen Titanium 210
Colour Selected: Silver Grey
Completion Date: February 2022

There are few words that can describe the sheer beauty and tranquility of this stunning structure. Located at the award winning Sandstone Point Hotel, this outdoor chapel is the stuff that dream weddings are made of.

Our Silver Grey Titanium range was hand picked by the owners of this incredible location to carry on the white wedding theme in contrast with the surrounding grasslands and waters edge.

An outdoor event space like this generates a lot of foot traffic and varying degrees of direct sunlight. Choosing a natural looking and low-maintenance deck is vital to ensure a stunning looking space all year around.

In addition to our advanced ASA anti-UV capping, the Titanium range is BAL-29 certified and features a P5/R11 slip resistant surface, blending beauty and durability with the highest safety standards to create a functional and insta worthy slice of paradise that will stand the test of time.