Urban Eco Range Decking Boards

Australia’s Most Versatile 5.4m Designer Board

Flip it your way with Australia’s most versatile double-sided composite board. Crafted from wood fibres and sustainably sourced materials, our Urban Eco Collection features a different colour on either side, giving you the flexibility to transform your outdoor space for any occasion.

Shielded by a dual capped system with anti-slip technology and in-built fade resistance, our Urban Eco range is the perfect choice for residential and small-scale commercial projects. Explore the possibilities with the most affordable designer board on the market.

6 shades of composite decking boards, from light to dark

Colour and Detail

Product Detail

Weight 2.8kg Per Metre
Dimensions 5.4m X 138mm X 22.5mm
Color Antique & Beach Sand, Charcoal & Ash, Teak & Walnut
LM per SQM — 7.2
Residential Span 400mm
Commercial Span 350mm
Siip Rating p4/R10
6 shades of composite decking boards stacked on top of each other, from light to dark

Other Information

HDPE Clips


Anti Creek Clips

Stainless Steel Clips

Stainless Steel Starter Clips



  • Standard Accessories are supplied with the decking and included in the Decking price.
  • Stainless Steel Clips attract additional charges.
  • Plastic Clips gap between boards is 5mm-6mm while Stainless Steel Clips gap is 3mm.
  • Timber or Steel frame Screws will be supplied at customer request.
  • 15 Clips & Screws will be supplied per board and 1 Starter Clip for every 5 Boards.

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