Composites are now becoming one of the most popular and attractive modern-day alternatives to traditional wood-based lumbar. These products are more durable, resistant to stains, weather conditions, and offer more atheistic to your residential as well as commercial structures. Composite boards can be solid or hollow types with grooved or ungrooved characteristics. Composite weight quite less than the traditional wood and can be easily transported from one location to another. Ease in installation and can work with general woodworking tools to form beautiful decks or any other similar construction.

These composite decking products are built to avoid all external issues of staining, rotting, from termites or any other insects with an impenetrable external layer. That makes composites require minimum maintenance only. All the dirt, dust, and external surface can easily be cleaned using water hosing and brush only. Here are the 10 things everyone should know about Composite Decking.

· Plastic and wood are the two main components of composite manufacture. Almost any old wood furniture, fibers or any pieces can be used with chemical adhesive and plastic to form together composites. For these preserving qualities, these composites are also often called Eco-friendly products too.

· Top premium quality composites have wood-like finish with quite realistic texture with varying patterns and tones to have a unique perspective for the whole construction. For these reasons, many builders are now preferring composites over the real wood-based structures.

· Composites can be more expensive than wood-based structures almost twice or thrice. Most of the time prices differ based on style, colour, and texture not in the composite quality. So make sure you choose the right one to match your budgets accordingly.

· Composites have a hidden fastener system to make the external surface completely immaculate keeping all the screws and nails hidden from the viewer’s eye. Although they add into your budgets still those want clean and sophisticated designs these are the best to represent your structure.

· Although Composites have several advantages still they are slippery when wet, especially for a smooth textured surface. So for pool decks, you need to be careful about the external surface too. Also is snowy climate these can have adverse effects. In these cases, pronounced texture for composites is recommended.

· Composites can get heated with direct exposure to the sun making the area unpleasant to sit or walk with bare feet. So make sure you get samples tested to select the right one to make comfortable for your premises. Dark colour composites have more heat than lighter colours.

· One of the main features of composites is their long durability to last ranging from 10 to 25 years and avoiding any natural or external damage from rotting, decay or termites. These also won’t fade from constant exposure to direct sun or quite cold temperatures.

· Manufacturers will often provide you with boards with custom sizes and shape depending on the availability and help you in making the precise decision on the suggestion on building structures using composites.

· Composites products are built with some gaps in their boards to allow the expansion and contraction due to the rise and fall from temperature. With the clip system space is set to be 6mm between boards. Gap also helps in maintenance by letting dirt and water flow away from the boards keeping the shine as new for a longer duration.

There are also specific building codes that may restrict the use of composites in some places. For surface decking, they are allowed mostly but may forbid on railing parts, support framing or even staircases. So you must be aware of these local building codes before going for the buying spree for composites.

Here at Brite Decking, We are at the forefront as a leading manufacturer for a different range of composites with classic WPC range, Merbau Decking, NextGen Titanium range, and customisation are provided based on the requirements. Special demands for Fascia, fencing or screening, along with composite accessories are also available. Composite boards are available from 88m to 150mm width broads, 12 crafty colours, and remarkable finish. All Brite decking products are specially engineered to match the demands of the Australian landscape.