Are you a skilled installer or builder with a passion for creating beautiful, durable outdoor spaces? Join our network of professionals dedicated to transforming outdoor living with composite decking. Register with us as an installer or builder to access a world of opportunities, resources, and benefits.

Why Join Our Recommended Installer Network?

Increased Visibility: Your business logo and a direct link to your website will be featured prominently on our installer page, giving you increased exposure to potential customers.

Boosted Traffic: This partnership will help drive more traffic and generate interest in your services, ultimately leading to more inquiries and projects.

Mutual Promotion: We kindly request that you include Brite Decking on your website and provide a link to our website. This collaboration will create valuable backlinks, benefiting both Brite Decking and your organisation.

Steps to Join:

To join our Recommended Installer Network, please follow these simple steps:

1. Complete the Installer Accreditation Form

2. Provide Your Builder’s License: Ensure you are accredited by providing a copy of your builder’s license

  • Lead Forwarding: Brite will carefully vet and forward leads to you, aligning them with your service area and expertise. This streamlines your customer acquisition process and ensures you receive inquiries from potential customers genuinely interested in your services.
  • Performance-Based Incentives: We will monitor your conversions and offer incentives based on the number of leads you successfully convert. This provides you with a tangible reward for your dedication and exceptional work.
  • Referred Leads: Your inclusion on our website may also result in direct phone inquiries from interested customers. We encourage you to consider promoting Brite products when they align with the project, which can help you expand your customer base further.
  • Tiered Discount Structure: To acknowledge your contribution to our network, we will implement a tiered discount structure based on both inbound and outbound referrals. This means you’ll not only benefit from converting referred leads but also earn discounts by referring your direct leads to us.

To ensure the quality and professionalism of our Recommended Installer Network, we require the following from you:

  • License: Valid builder’s license in your jurisdiction.
  • Adequate Transportation: Possession of a UTE or suitable transportation to effectively promote your services as a builder.
  • Existing Website: Please provide a link to your current website for us to review your work and assess its alignment with our standards. Additionally, please include a link to Brite Decking, and we will discuss its placement and promotion in consultation with our web team.
  • Composite Decking Experience: Details of your prior experience with composite decking, demonstrating your expertise in this area.
  • Project Portfolio: Provide photos of previous decking projects that showcase the quality of your work.
  • Customer Reviews: Share links to any reviews from your previous customers, highlighting your professionalism and customer satisfaction.
  •  Insurance: Provide a copy of your insurance coverage to assure our customers of your liability coverage.

Please note that our installer network is a list of recommended installers. As a material supply-only company, we do not provide installation services ourselves. This page is designed to facilitate connections between customers seeking experienced installers with expertise in Brite Composite Decking.

Important Reminder: Before joining our network, we kindly request that you review our installation guide and watch our installation video. Staying up to date with our recommended installation advice and adhering to our guidelines is crucial to ensuring the quality and longevity of our products.