A large, 2 storey home with a balcony on the second floor

Project Description:

Location: Bundeena, NSW
Board Range: HD PRO
Colour Selected: Slate Grey
Completion Date: March 2021

Nestled between crystal blue waters and a national park, Bundeena is a hidden oasis. The owners of this stunning waterside property were eager to introduce the Hamptons look to this slice of paradise. After much deliberation, the team at Trimteck went with our stunning Slate Grey boards in our HD PRO range. The darker tones bring a natural aesthetic to the landscape whilst providing stunning contrasts against these white picket fences. Made from a blend of sustainable wood fibres and recycled plastics, the High Density series features a Double-UV shield and a R11/P5 slip rating, providing unmatched performance under intense heat and wet weather.