Location: Graceville, QLD
Board Range: NextGen Titanium
Colour Selected: Tawny

Graceville, Queensland, is known for its charming residences and lush surroundings. But when one resident desired to enhance their outdoor living space, they found themselves needing a patio transformation that would combine aesthetic appeal with longevity.

Brite Decking’s NextGen Titanium in Tawny colour  emerged as the perfect choice, offering both visual elegance and the durability required for Graceville’s climate. The client’s vision of creating an outdoor haven was realised with our product added a touch of natural elegance to the space, with its warm and inviting tones. It not only created a visually pleasing area but also provided the peace of mind that the patio would stand up to Graceville’s diverse climate conditions.

This case study highlights the successful installation of Brite Composite Decking in Graceville, Queensland. The transformation of the outdoor patio demonstrated Tawny’s ability to combine aesthetics with resilience, providing the homeowner with an inviting and long-lasting outdoor space that complements the natural beauty of Graceville.