Location: New Port, QLD
Board Range: Urban Eco
Colour Selected: Teak
Completion Date: 

When our client from Newport, QLD moved into their new home in August 2023, they were already a fan of Urban Eco Antique. They had installed the colour at a rental property in June 2022 and loved it.

When they came to choose decking for their new home, however, our client wanted to see if there was a better option than Urban Eco Antique. The family had moved from one rental property to another—and then into a brand-new house—in less than two years. So our client requested samples of the Urban Eco Antique and Urban Eco Teak colours to compare against the backyard from their previous residence. The decision was easy: our client chose the Teak colour for their new house because it blended well with its surroundings and would last longer than the Antique colour did.

The end result? Two fantastic installations with outstanding results!