The decking market can be divided into three different categories: large warehouses selling low-quality products at low prices, small operations selling expensive yet low-quality boards, and international suppliers selling good quality yet unaffordable composite and timber decks.

So where does Brite Composite Decking stand?

We are an Australian-owned company selling high-quality products at an affordable price. Since 1999, we have avoided the low-quality/high-volume formula for the sake of profit. This is how:

No middleman: Brite Deck introduced composite decking into the Australian market in 1999. We aren’t just resellers – we design our products and sell directly to the public, cutting almost 40% of the total price and passing these savings onto our customers. Simply put, we sell Australia’s best composite deck at factory prices.

A Better Business: From digital systems, training local staff, and engaging with Aussie-based service providers, we have created an efficient operation that supports local industries and keeps our high-quality products affordable.

Bigger Boards: There is no industry standard for the size of a board. Many consumers are swayed by a bargain quote without realising how small the boards are. That’s why it is so important to calculate measurements in SQM. Brite Composites are some of the longest and widest on the market, ranging from 5.4 to 5.8 metres in length and with board widths ranging from 138mm to a massive 210mm. Our boards cover a larger area, meaning fewer boards are required. Our product is also uniform in size, shape and cut, meaning you can confidently order for your deck size and design with no headaches come installation time.

A Premium Product: From research and development to laboratory testing and manufacturing advancements, we ensure our products exceed Australian regulations. That’s why every Brite board is backed with the best warranty in the industry.

If you’re thinking about building a deck and looking for an alternative to wood, choose Britedeck – the leading pioneers of composite decking.

Composite decking beside a pool

Transform your outdoor with Brite composite decking.

Brite Deck™ Composite Decking is low maintenance, cost-effective and eco-friendly decking board designed exclusively for the Australian outdoors. Established in 1999, we are the pioneers of composite decking products – an alternative to traditional timber decks that replicate the look and feel of natural wood without the maintenance hassles.

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BriteDeck – The Smart Choice.

Brite Composite boards are the most affordable high quality and sustainable choice for your outdoor space.

Easy to install: Installing a deck is expensive and time consuming. This is where Brite composite decking excels. Brite Holdings invented the concealed fastening system now being used by companies worldwide, and with good reason. Our clip and screws make installing composites up to 60% faster than timber – saving you time and money.

Affordable Upgrade: Your boards, whether composite or wood, is normally a third of the total cost of building a deck. The most expensive aspect of your deck is creating your subframe – the network of beams, posts and joists that support your deck. Provided your subframe is intact, replacing your rotting and hazardous timber deck is so affordable.

Brite composite decking boards range from $99 per SQM up to $166 per SQM, with 4 ranges to suit any style, budget, and occasion. Our price includes GST, all the fixings you need and a massive 15-year warranty for our XS range and a 30-year warranty for our ASA range.

The bottom line?

With a bit of planning and some expert advice, Brite composite decks are the best investment you can make for your property. To find out more about composite vs wood decking or to get a free quote, simply call us on 1300 481 664 and see why we are the composite decking experts.