Composites decking have now become popular with the modern population for their long sustenance, low maintenance, and extra protective layer adding properties like fade resistance, weather resistance, stains, insects and more. At Brite Decking we are one of the foremost suppliers of Composite Timber Decking with WPC range, titanium range, and Merbau decking respectively. They are also quite lightweight to transport and easy to install as most homeowners craft them to build beautiful decks surrounding their homes. Here are the important features that make Composite Decking the one for the future.


Composite products with a guarantee period of 20 to 25 years keeping your structures as new for decades. Customers are happy with the latest style, colours, and texture in these composites for their residential and commercial buildings. Their complimentary benefits also have added to their popularity with the modern population. Composites are also splinter-free making these products children and pet-friendly. Along with this, they are also completely insects resistant too. So when compared to wood these composites don’t require any regular maintenance saving your extra time and money.

Weather and Fade Resistance

Another quality that adds to their qualitative features is to withstand extreme weather conditions. Whether it be the sun extreme heat or snow these composites are prepared to be resistant and show no weariness at all. The stability gives them the longevity to stand as new for years to come. These composites also don’t retain any moisture making water resistance protecting the structures from rains or any form of water. As they can be easily built from old wood fibres and high-quality polymer these composites are also called as Eco-friendly products. Brite Decking products come with unique colorfast technique to help your broads retain natural tones and vibrancy to keep them looking like new for years.

Easy to Maintain

One of the important features that make composites the need of the hour is their low maintenance. With an unpenetrable layer, most of the external stains, dirt and grime is stuck on the outside layer only. Comparing to traditional wood-based decking these composites don’t require any extra maintenance like painting every other season, don’t rot with age, and almost no effect from insects. Textured surface composites are recommended and successful for wet areas such as pools, spas, marinas etc. Painting or staining must not be done on composites and they often void all warranties as they only peel from the exterior surface and fall thereafter.
At Brite Decking, We understand that composites decking are one of the most popular modern-day alternatives of traditional wood-based lumbar. We are the top manufacturers for these composite based boards, Composite Timber Decking with WPC range, titanium range & accessories in Australia and provide customized solutions for customers based on their requirements. With standard cleaning of water hosing, once or twice every week and one wash scrub & soap cleaning, every six months will make the exterior shine as new for years. For any more information, guidance and questions related to composites get connected with our experts now!