Modern composites since their beginning in the 1990s have been modified to enhance their capabilities in every aspect. With added extra layer to composites, they are more durable, stable, long-lasting, easy to transport, install, maintain and look more eye-pleasing when compared to traditional wood-based structures. The composite internal structure has helped them stand against several factors that were making wood ineffective. With research and science, new ways have been evolved to bring more perfection in these composites. Here are the main advantages of Composite for using over the replaced woods.


One of the main features that make composites standout is its low maintenance and upkeep. With regular twice or thrice hose water, these composites stay as new for years. No need to paint them as they come already with a shiny and aesthetic look to match your architecture perfectly. No splinter or breakage further making them children and pet-friendly. Whereas with traditional wood a lot of maintenance was required regularly. The paint was every season requirement. Splinter and breakage had to be monitored. With high humidity and rain, wood was susceptible to heavy damage too.

Easy to handle, transport and Install

Woods required for large-scale structure required a lot of manpower, proper transportation, handling and installation to craft them. Wood had to cut be into the precise measurements and then install them. But with composites, they come with ready to install shapes right away. Manufacturers are often provided with sizes and requirements, thereafter they provide the boards and accessories to install them as per the standard guidelines. There are now even Composite Fencing available as they are weatherproof and able to withstand the harsh Australian climate for years without having any effect on them.

Resistant to pests

Woods as natural products were also susceptible to several natural pests including termites, beetles, ants and several pests harming their core structures. Owners had to do several treatments to make these wood stay protected from these insects. But composites structure with an extra protective layer they are assured of a complete insects resistance product. This last layer often has plastic and is impenetrable for insects or any living organism. Thus keeping the composites more advantage than the traditional wood-based decking.
Composites are also splinter-free and anti-slippery making them better for children’s as well as a pet. As a by-product of old wood material and plastic further making environment-friendly too. Brite decking products come with concealed fasting system hidden beneath the boards that give a pristine finish to the composites. As there are no visible screws or any rusty nails makes your deck completely spectacular. For every board, there are 15 clips, screws, and 1 started clip for effectively every 5 boards.
At Brite Decking, we are one of the leading manufacturers for Composite Decking in Australia for more than 20 years successfully. We offer different range of decking with Solid XS range, Classic WPC range, Titanium and Merbau decking. There are around 12 colours available to match your home aesthetic and engineered to the extreme weather conditions of the Australian landscape. They come with 15 years to 30-year warranty depending on their right usage with residential and commercial structures. For any more information, product guidance, rules for installation, maintenance and care of these composites material, get connected with our manufacturing experts now!