Made out of ASA based material Titanium composite is one of the premium products in the market. At Brite Decking, these titanium composites are built using 100% Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate Copolymer (ASA), 50% foamed Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), 40% Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) and 10% UV stabilizer that includes anti-mould. Our titanium product range decking is available in 140mm and a massive 210mm and has a 30-year warranty period so timber decking suppliers use this for long term durable solutions for crafting decks. Here are some important benefits of using this NextGen Titanium Composite Decking.

Highest Protection

This range-based out of Titanium composite at Brite Decking has the maximum protection against all types of stains, scratches, mould, and splinters comprehensively. They also have superior durability against all types of composites product with feature-packed qualities.

Real like Appearance

These titanium-based composites have the most similar wood-like appearance from all products available in the market. These products have higher quality than PVC, WPC and capped all types of decking in the market.


Another quite important benefit of these composite materials is their lightweight for easy management, installation, shifting, and maintenance too. Boards built with these materials are 30-40% lighter than the WPC (wood plastic-based composite) boards. The heat absorption rate is also quite much lower. These qualities make it preferable for outdoor decking areas and pool surroundings too.

Weather Resistant

This titanium range is scientifically 10x better than ABS with anti-ageing effect and 100% UV resistant too. So it can withhold pressure from any harsh environment with Sun, snow or rain having any effect on it.

Completely Safe

This titanium range is the safest material for composite products with anti-slipping, no nail heads, no splinters and no effect from any hazardous substance of any kind. If you have children running in the home then Titanium range is the most effective to have this child-friendly composite.

Low Decks Building Possible

This titanium range of decks can withstand the harsh conditions of moisture, oils, fats, and any type of waste in protecting them from any external factors. So when building low decks for homes, spas, swimming pool, jetties and more this type of composite is recommended.

Another important fact of these Titanium composites is they are more expensive than others in the market. But customers who are looking for unmatched quality and long term permanent solutions ASA is the best one manufactured in the market. Mainly three choices of colours are available with Silver Grey, Pacific Merbau, Desert Sand, and custom colours also prepared with specific delivery time.

Brite Decking is one of the premium organizations for composite timber decking with impeccable products with 15 to 30 years of warranty. We offer the highest quality available in the market that can be used across building for decking and railings along with your homes, pools or any other outer areas respectively. For any more information, questions and customized solutions get connected with our customer representatives now!