Thinking of building a pool in your backyard? Resting on a beautiful pool deck after your time in the water is a significant part of the fun of owning a pool. However, it’s important to choose pool decking that can endure the high moisture exposure from splashes, wet swimsuits, and damp feet.

Today, there are so many composite pool decking options to choose from now that composite decking materials have advanced in strength, stability and appearance. Homeowners, Builders and Architects no longer have to choose between costly materials such as concrete and sandstone or high-maintenance materials such as traditional wood or timber decks that require staining, oiling, sealing and painting. For many of the same reasons, pool installers are now also recommending their clients consider using composite decking materials to enhance their pool surroundings.

Today, we’ll look at why composite decking materials provide a fantastic combination of value and performance for homeowners and builders who are considering adding a pool to an outdoor living space.

7 Benefits of composite decking boards for pool areas

Composite decking boards are a popular choice for pool areas because of their durability, low maintenance requirements, and attractive appearance. Additionally, composite decking is resistant to fading, staining, and scratching, making it a great option for areas that are exposed to harsh weather and heavy foot traffic. Here are X reasons why composite decking boards are the perfect choice for pool areas, including their durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal.

1. They’re safer

Typically, materials such as sandstone, concrete or timber decking surfaces source a number of hazards that may contribute to the risk of injury or death. These hazards include slipperiness, cuts and splinters from weathered, round and unstable surfaces.

Unlike traditional materials, composite decking offers a smooth, clean surface whilst also requiring little to no maintenance. Due to our manufacturing process, our composite decking boards also include the addition of UV resistant additives that reduce the damage of prolonged exposure to the sun. Ultimately this means our composite decking boards provide a splinter-free, smooth surface all year round.

2. They look like real wood –  But are more slip resistant

Another reason why pool installers recommend their clients consider using composite decking materials for their pool surroundings is that composite decking is designed to be more slip resistant than traditional wooden decking. Composite decking boards have a high-quality finish that outperforms traditional treated hardwood, whilst providing excellent traction, even when wet. All while mimicking the same wood grain and natural colour characteristics of hardwoods.

Slip resistance is a top concern for pool owners, especially since strong grip is key to a safer pool deck surface. When wet, common pool deck materials, particularly tile, can turn slippy. On the other hand, the composite decking board is laced with anti slip powder.

For example, our Urban Eco composite decking boards mimic the beauty of woods like Pine, Merbau and Mahogany, but they’re built with anti-slip technology and fade resistance.

3. Low heat absorption rate

Naturally, darker coloured surfaces and other certain types of materials absorb and retain heat much longer than others.  Darker coloured brick or tile pool decks absorb the heat too much and make it difficult for you to walk on, on a scorching summer day. They are also very prone to bushfires. But the PVC inside a composite decking board reflects the UV rays and heat, making it more comfortable to walk on. 

Our Brite™ NextGen Titanium Range is made from Acrylonitrile Steyrene Acrylate Copolymer (ASA), making it 100% UV resistant. This is the very same material that auto manufacturers (worldwide) use for their car dashboard, so it’s designed to be in the harshest of sun temperatures whilst still retaining its colour and shape. Comparably, our additional Brite™ composite decking products are made with polypropylene, which also maintains surface temperatures and is cooler underfoot than any other composite decking materials.

4. Can be built low to the ground – moisture-resistant

Due to our composite decking boards built-in moisture-resistant abilities, contractors have no problem building decks that are low to the ground where it may come into contact with moisture such as pools, spas or jetties. This provides a safer, fast-drying surface and means you don’t have to worry about rainwater or pool splashes seeping in and causing mildew, rot or other weather-related issues. This also greatly reduces damage caused by contraction and expansion due to temperature variation and moisture absorption.

5. Concealed fastening systems – No pre-drilling, nailing or punching.

Our advanced concealed fastening systems is another reason why you should choose Brite Decking for all your decking needs. There’s no pre-drilling, nailing or punching, and our concealed fastening systems screws directly into typical joist layouts and spacings, timber and metal sub-frames. This not only makes Brite™ composite decking boards aesthetically pleasing but also reduces the risk of injury caused by exposed nails, screws or splinters.

6. Installation cost

While pool decks constructed of flagstone, pavers, or brick look fantastic, they may be expensive to build due to the work necessary to put each item separately. Building a composite pool deck is less expensive than hauling and placing paving units by hand.

If you’re on a low budget, your outdoor oasis can still sparkle with composite decking boards made with a mixture of wooden grains and PVC. 

Are you planning to get a pool decking board? Well, considering aspects such as price, safety, upkeep, durability, and how it will fit into your house and landscape  is crucial to get your dream pool deck! While concrete is what homeowners opt for in the first place, over the years, composite decking over concrete has become a great alternative to it. Composite deckings are not just cost-effective, they bring with them several advantages and facilities.  

7. More design options

With composite boards, you get to choose from a wide range of colours and grain styles to suit your outdoor pool design.

Round, square, triangle, curved – you can create all these pool deck shapes with composite decking. Moreover, composite boards can be flipped or arranged in a classic or adventurous way. The choice is always yours! 


There are so many different kinds of choices when it comes to building pool surroundings, though there are lots of different reasons why composite decking is the right material for you. Not only are Brite™ composite decking materials stronger and easier to maintain, but they are also safer because they won’t splinter, warp, crack or rot. Whatever the size of your project and whatever the look you are after, Brite Decking is the perfect choice for your decking needs. Contact us now on 1300 481 664.