When it comes to composite decking, selecting the right option can significantly impact the durability and aesthetics of your outdoor space. While many competitors offer cheaper hollow or scalloped profiles, it’s essential to understand that these choices often compromise on strength and longevity. In this artice, we will explore the crucial benefits of choosing quality composite decking boards, using Brite decking’s product range as a prime example.

Solid Decking vs. Scalloped Decking

Solid decking boards, such as those found in Brite Decking’s HD Pro and Titanium ranges, present several advantages over scalloped profiles:

  • Exceptional Sturdiness and Durability: Solid Boards are characterised by their thickness and robustness, making them perfect for high-traffic areas and applications subject to heavy use. They are less prone to warping or bending over time, ensuring a stable and long-lasting deck surface.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Solid decking offers a clean and uniform appearance, free from
    visible holes or patterns. This creates a sleek and contemporary look for your deck,
    enhancing its visual appeal.
  • Low Maintenance: The smooth surface on the underside of solid boards makes them
    less susceptible to accumulating dirt, debris, or moisture, simplifying the cleaning and
    maintenance process.
  • Resistance to Wear and Tear: Solid decking exhibits greater resistance to stains,
    scratches, and other forms of wear and tear, ultimately extending its lifespan.

Hollow Decking vs. Scalloped Decking

While some competitors opt for scalloped profiles, Brite Decking’s Urban Eco range features
circular hollow decking, offering distinct advantages:

  • Uniform Pressure Distribution: Circular hollow cavities within Urban Eco boards
    distribute pressure evenly, reducing potential weak points in the board.
  • Enhanced Strength: The circular design effectively spreads downward pressure and
    lateral forces, bolstering the overall strength of the decking.
  • Improved Ventilation: Circular hollow decking encourages increased airflow, allowing
    the board to ventilate effectively. This can contribute to the long-term durability of your

Square Hollow vs. Circular Hollow

Comparing square and circular hollow profiles underscores the superior strength of circular
hollow boards:

  • A square hollow board has four corners/sides, which represent potential points of weakness when pressure is applied.


  • In contrast, circular hollow boards evenly distribute pressure around their circumference, offering greater resistance to deformation or breakage.circular-hollow-board-profile-review
  • Brite Decking Urban Eco Boards


Joist Span Considerations

When installing Brite Decking’s solid boards for residential applications, we recommend a joist span of 450mm, supported by a comprehensive 25-year warranty. It’s crucial to be aware of competitor’ claims, as some may offer a similar span with differing warranty terms. Always scrutinise the details to ensure you receive the warranty coverage you expect.

The Brite Choice

Brite Decking offers three primary product types, each with unique benefits:

Urban EcoAffordable

HD Pro – Mid Tier

 Titanium NextGen- Premium/Flagship

  • Versatile and durable hollow-sided decking with a double-sided design.
  • Ideal for smaller areas and renovation projects, offering flexibility with dual- colour options.
  • Affordability is achieved through the use of a hollow board, requiring less material during production.
  • Versatile double-sided solid weatherproof decking.
  • Enhanced UV protection for increased performance in sunny conditions.
  • Mid-tier pricing combines the advantages of a double-sided board with a solid core and UV protection.
  • Premium capped decking , representing Brite Decking’s flagship product.
  • Crafted from materials utilised in automobile production, designed to minimise fading.
  • All Titanium boards boast a BAL 29 rating, ensuring their safety for bushfire-prone areas.
  • Engineered for low maintenance, designer aesthetics, and durability in Australian weather conditions.
  • Core features include a PVC-wood composite non- porous core with minimal staining and water absorption, making it ideal for coastal properties.
  • The dual-layer ASA shield provides robust anti-weathering and UV protection, acting as sunscreen for deck surfaces.
  • Patented co-extrusion technology ensures a natural-looking surface with slip resistance.


Unlike our competitors, Brite Decking generously provides free fixings with every purchase, comprising screws and clips essential for the installation process. Two clip types are available:

  • Plastic Clips: Offering a 5mm gap between boards, this is the most common choice.
  • Metal Clips: Providing a 3mm gap, they are essential for smaller gaps or when BAL-rated decks are required in bushfire-prone areas to meet council compliance.

Ready to Transform your outdoor space with Quality Composite Decking?

When it comes to transforming your outdoor space, making an informed decision is critical to the success of your outdoor living experience. Whether you opt for solid or hollow profiles, it’s crucial to ensure that your choice aligns perfectly with your specific requirements. This ensures the creation of a deck that not only stands the test of time but also enhances the visual appeal of your outdoor living area.

At Brite Decking, we take pride in offering a diverse product range that embodies versatility, durability, and aesthetics, catering to a wide array of preferences and needs. Ready to kickstart your outdoor decking project right away? Give us a call on 1300 481 664 or fill out our contact form and let’s turn your outdoor decking dreams into a reality!