Just as the modern age has improved technology, medicine, and transport – it has improved decking. Built for centuries using wood – decks of old would rot, splinter, or become subject to termites – a longer-lasting and more sustainable option was needed. Our composite decking products have improved the strength, finish, tone, and texture of your decking boards and provide an environmentally friendly, durable, stylish, and maintenance-free alternative to wood. In this blog – we’re going to talk about another pioneer in the decking industry – steel deck framing.

Decks made from steel are an evolution in the construction industry and are easy to install and work, allowing curves, corners, and bends. Steel decks come with an interlocking joist and ledger system that keeps your deck secure, safe, and sturdy and provides resistance to corrosion. Your steel decking won’t change over time through function or appearance, and in 25 years, you can expect the same brushed finish, sturdiness, and reliability as installation day.

The industry is changing and with our revolutionary composite decking, you want the strongest framing to make your deck the best it can be for the longest time possible. Smart deck builders everywhere are opting for composite decking and steel framing with this popular dynamic duo changing the quality and sustainability of decks for good.

Gone are the days of sunken or weather damaged decking and welcome to the many years of reliable decking that won’t cost you time or money in maintenance and repairs. Read on as we discuss the benefits and aspects to consider about steel deck framing.

What is Steel Deck Framing?

Every deck needs a frame to install the composite decking or floorboards and the stronger the frame the better the deck. The process of framing a deck involves connections between joists and beams, often needing support posts when building with wood. Each deck design, landscape and construction process will require different framing techniques and most builders take specific approaches to create strong and resistant framing. Good planning plus high-quality materials and a reliable structure can make the deck framing process easy, and you’ll have your deck built in no time.

Steel deck framing is U-shaped and cold-formed made to replicate the dimensions and form of lumber, but with a stronger and more reliable result. Cold forming is a process in which the metal is worked into shape at room temperature, resulting in a finished product that is incredibly strong, lightweight, non-combustible, easy to install and cost-effective. Steel framing needs very little maintenance and usually no repairs, ensuring that you can build it and enjoy it without having to add the cost or stress of maintenance into your consideration. Steel can do all that wood can do for a deck frame and construction, plus more, which is why it’s quickly taking over as the most popular and relied upon the material for deck framing Australia wide.

Why Choose Steel?

  • Strong & Versatile

Steel framing is coated in anti-corrosion protection and is built to withstand most environments and weather conditions. Pre-cut, gun-nailed or screw-fixed, steel framing provides an interlocked base to your decking to withstand the most pressure or weight. Each steel frame is individually designed and cut to suit each deck and can be suitable for some light commercial load uses, as well as all domestic applications. Able to withstand snow, wind, floods and even fire, and altered to suit special circumstances such as mezzanines, schools, parking and patios, steel framing is the one-stop material for all your decking needs.

  • Naturally Resistant

Naturally resistant, your steel decking won’t succumb to termites and if termites are using your framing to access your wooden floorboards, their trails are easy to spot and treat, with the steel easily wipeable and resistant to light domestic chemical exposure. Steel framing is fire resistant and non-combustible and can come with options to protect the deck from fire even further by adding fire-resistant and energy-efficient insulation to meet the standards of national Bushfire Attack Level regulations.

  • Cost-Effective

Steel deck framing takes less maintenance and upkeep than wood decking. With no cost for pest control, plus the ability to span a longer distance than wood (meaning less product is needed), steel framing will save you money from installation through to the day to day use of your deck. With the option to fabricate the steel deck to suit your space, fewer support beams are needed, meaning you can avoid spending half of your decking budget on keeping the deck standing. Additionally, steel decking takes less time to install, meaning a shorter turn around time and less money spent on labour.

  • Uniform and Precise

Think of the decks of old, with uneven floorboards, quirky finishes, and imperfections. This is due to the nature of the wood – subject to warping, twisting, and shrinking, especially when delivered and installed while wet. The instability of wood during installation causes a lack of uniformity and precision in the final product and the absorption of moisture can mean the wood twists and goes further out of shape as the years go by. Steel is not subject to moisture, weather or even age, and you can rest assured that your deck will be cut and installed with sharp and even edges, without changing or altering in appearance over time.

  • No Limits

Your imagination can run wild with steel deck framing. Being lightweight, moldable, and versatile, any deck you can dream of can be a reality, from an upper-level deck to a two-story masterpiece or a floating deck over your pool. With the ability to span great distances plus the lack of a need for heavy and intrusive supporting frames or beams, steel decking provides a stylish and sophisticated solution to those areas that you don’t know what to do with, or that are perfect for entertaining your guests. Homeowners, renters, and investors love this option for their renovations, getting the best quality, diversity, and style for the lowest cost. Many companies offer DIY options for your steel deck framing, making it an even lower cost option and allowing you to be the engineer of your own design.

Steel framing can have uses beyond decking, such as mezzanines, extensions, sheds, micro-offices, granny flats, carports and garage floors, pools, and yoga decks.

Choosing steel framing to accompany our composite decking guarantees:

  • Easy installations
  • Uniformity and straight sections
  • No limits on your design or scope of size
  • Compatibility with materials and a range of landscapes
  • Long life warranty and a smart investment
  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • Fire and pest resistance
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Safer, anti-slip and resistance to splinters
  • No more cuts and grazes from nails with our smooth finish
  • A seamless and visually stunning surface that looks brand new.
  • A range of stunning colours to enhance vibrancy.
  • Quick installation, saving you time and money.
  • No maintenance, bringing resistance to rot, cracks, and splinters from the steel through to the flooring.

Steel framing is the perfect accompaniment to our composite decking, bringing superior strength, style, and durability to your deck. A good deck should withstand the pressures of the outdoors and enhance your experience of nature, allowing you to entertain your guests in style. You shouldn’t have to worry about your deck falling apart, cracking, warping, or being infected by insects and pests.

Composite decking adds to your steel framing to complete your deck and will ensure your deck looks as good as new, decades later. Steel framing is the modern choice for decking and guarantees the underside and bones of your deck are as strong as our composite flooring. With cost effectiveness, environmental consciousness and a range of other practical and lifestyle benefits, steel deck framing will set your deck up to last the lifetime of your home and give you a place to entertain, dine, relax, and unwind for years to come.