Nobody likes to see their fur baby whimpering at the door longing to be part of the festivities, but after spending so much on your new decking, nobody could blame you for wanting to keep it in tip-top condition. Your deck provides a place for the whole family to relax, entertain and unwind, and when it comes to your decking material, you want to make sure it’s durable enough so even your furry friend can join in on the fun. 

Traditional wooden decks are prone to scratching, splintering, warping, and staining, and they require some of the most intensive maintenance from dog owners. A dog-friendly deck should be stain resistant to accommodate muddy paws along with being totally splinter-free, easily hosed, scratch resistant and low maintenance. 

This is where composite decking comes in. 

Composite decking is made with tightly packed wood and plastic fibres, making it hard for even the sharpest claws to penetrate. Easy to clean, highly durable and resistant to splintering, rot, warping and termites, composite decking is the future of sustainable, long-lasting Australian decking boards. 

Why composite decking boards are the best decking material for dogs

Two kids and a dog on composite patio

They’re scratch and slip resistant 

Whether sharpening their claws, stretching, or simply walking around, all pets scratch; it is inevitable and a part of life for pet owners. Vinyl and composite decks both offer scratch resistance. While the deck may still end up scratched if your pet really puts in some gusto, daily use from even a big dog isn’t enough to scratch up this super durable finish. If your composite boards do get scratched, check out how easy it is to fix cracks in your composite boards.

Our boards are all come with anti-slip technology (P4/R10 for our Urban Eco, P5/R11 for our HD PRO and Titanium Range) meaning pets can play without the risk or falling or slipping and hurting themselves.

Clean-up is simple 

Even the most trained and settled dog can be prone to an excited accident every now and then, just as a cat can decide whether they want to make a statement by leaving an unwanted gift on your deck. 

Composite decking can be cleaned with a simple hose or pressure washer, and it is not as prone to staining as timber decking is. Additionally, our boards don’t rot – which minimises the risk of a dog ingesting rotting wood that could be infested with termites and other types of bacteria.

Comfortable for sensitive paws 

As a responsible pet owner, you want to make sure your outdoor space is as comfortable as can be for your pet – rain, hail, or shine. A hot deck can wreak havoc on your pet during the day, with nowhere to escape from sore pores or overheating. A lighter decking board can reduce heat and make the deck comfortable for little paws and human feet alike. 

Provides safety and comfort 

If you don’t want your pet indoors while you leave the house, a deck can provide the perfect safe haven away from the dangers and discomfort of the world while you aren’t there to supervise. Our concealed fastening is not only faster to install, but it will prevent the age old issue of nails and screws sticking out and injuring sensitive paws. More so, composite boards are made from a non-toxic blend of eco-friendly materials (wood fibres and recycled polymer) meaning no harm can be caused to your dog if ingested. Composites do not require sealing or lacquering, avoiding the need to apply any toxic chemicals that could be ingested and harm your dog. Choosing composite decking boards will provide stability and comfort for your fur baby along with the rest of your family and friends for year-round use. 

Composite boards don’t stain easily 

Timber and pressure-treated wood is prone to staining, requiring much upkeep and re-treating to maintain their appearance. A composite deck will not stain easily, absorb moisture or warp, giving a consistent look and more spare time to enjoy your weekends. Our titanium range is a premium material that is less impacted by moisture, thanks to its high polymer content and non-porous core.

Any dog owner knows that things can quickly get messy, from accidents to gorier incidents such as the blood from meats. With some regular detergent and cotton to clean, even blood is easily wiped away leaving your deck looking like new. Click here to read more about composite board cleaning and care. 

No need to worry about splintering

Every pet owner knows how quickly vet bills can stack up, and something as avoidable as a splintering deck can become a significant problem if left unchecked. Small pieces of wood can be ingested and lodge into the mouth, windpipe or stomach of a dog causing severe damage and pain. With composite decking, you no longer need to worry about wood fibres or splintering, keeping your pet’s paws and your bank account safe from harm. 

Composite decking looks great!

Okay, maybe this doesn’t benefit the pet so much as the owner, but we all know how quickly a pet can alter the look of certain materials such as carpet, paint, or wood. When it comes to composite decking, you can achieve the style, design and finish you’re after, from real Merbau timber decking to a gorgeous rustic board finish. Whether you want your deck to blend perfectly with your main dwelling, or stand along as its own unique feature, you can work on your project with the confident knowledge that the appearance won’t scratch or chip over time, even with daily use from your most boisterous pet!

Why investors should care about their decking material 

For homeowners, rental laws are making it harder to say no to your renters keeping pets, and with over 61% of Australian households having a pet, the more pet-friendly your property can be – the better. However, you may be concerned about the potential damage or cost of repairs caused by a pet, and while you don’t want to be the one to say no to little Fido, it can be tempting to protect your asset. 

With composite decking, you can rest assured that your deck will be kept in good shape, with durability, resistance to staining and splintering, and very little maintenance needed, so even your busiest tenant will be able to provide upkeep. In addition, thanks to composite decking, you can have a pet-friendly home that your tenants (and their fur babies) will love you for, without compromising on the quality of your investment. 

Give your pet it’s best life with composite decking

Used for many different pet-friendly applications from decking to fencing, composite decking is the answer for pet owners who care about safety, style, comfort, and cohesion. 

Most pets love sunbathing, and while you may not need to rush out to cover your pet in sunscreen, you may be tempted to sacrifice their favourite sunny spot for the sake of your deck. Before you run out for shade cloths and umbrellas, remember that composite deck boards are UV resistant. Your pets favourite sunny spot can remain uncovered, and your deck will remain the quality you fell in love with for years to come. 

Founded in response to extreme weather conditions in the U.S, composite decking has made its way into Australian backyards to provide an alternative to timber that never disappoints. As the pioneers of composite decking manufacturing on Australian soil, nobody is more qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable to bring your composite decking solution to life. We pride ourselves on providing environmentally friendly, low maintenance, and cost-effective decking to each of our clients. 

Our composite decking experts are ready to work with you to transform your outdoors to be an oasis for both you and your pet. Click here to request a free sample or to chat with our team about all things composite decking.