It may be the middle of winter right now, but now is the perfect time to start thinking about choosing the right composite decking materials for your outdoor living area. Installing a deck is an improvement well worthwhile, having the ability to transform the look of your garden – while adding a touch of class and sophistication all year round.

But designing a deck varies, and its appearance is largely up to you. Customers have a plethora of options to choose from, though typically people lean towards composite decking materials. There are many reasons why composite decking materials are a fantastic option when it comes to DIY home projects. Here, are the top 5 reasons why you should choose Brite Decking for all your composite decking needs.

1. Plenty of styles, textures and colour preferences.

Even though composite decking materials are manufactured, composite decking is designed to mimic wood grains and colours of natural timber – minus the hassles. Composite decking comes in an array of different colours and tones and because of its durability and weather-resistant nature, you can be assured that your Brite™ composite deck will look brand new even after years of use. Our composite decking materials include decking, fascia and fencing – available in 12 matchless colours, across 3 different finishes – Classic, Solid XS and our NextGen Titanium Range.

2. Low Maintenance! It doesn’t require any staining, oiling, sealing or painting.

A timber deck typically lasts 15 years… That is if they are properly maintained and well looked after. With composite decking materials, you never have to stain, paint or seal, as our composite decking boards maintain their colour and beauty all year round. This is due to the manufacturing process which includes the addition of UV resistant additives. So what kind of maintenance do Brite™ boards require? Simple: Keep it Clean. It’s incredible but that’s it! Just wash it with soap and water regularly. To learn more about how to maintain and keep your deck clean all year round visit the cleaning and care resources section on our website.

3. It’s easy to install!

Our composite decking boards will save you significant time and add real value to your projects. Our composite decking materials are superior to Pine, Merbau or any other wood products as every board is a minimum of 5.4 meters, 100 per cent straight and doesn’t warp, shrink, crack, or split. This means there is virtually 0 per cent wastage. Most importantly, our composite decking boards typically take 70 per cent less time than installing a timber deck. There’s no pre-drilling, nailing or punching. The concealed fastening system, screws directly into typical joist layouts and spacing, timber and metal sub frames.

4. Brite Decking is friendly on your wallet!

Although the initial outlay of composite decking materials may be slightly higher than natural alternatives, Brite Decking will cost you less in the long run. Time is money – and you are usually too busy to be maintaining your deck. This is probably low on your priority list. Our composite decking materials save you money because you don’t have to periodically re-stain or replace boards that have split or faded. Brite Decking is unique in that you can still service composite boards which have been damaged. Either by steel brushing the surface in the direction of the grain or by flipping the board over and using the other side. It’s a great way of creating a beautiful outdoor area without the long term financial burden to ensure that the deck stays aesthetically pleasing.

5. We’re Eco-Friendly!

Finally, homeowners can enjoy Brite Decking’s environmentally friendly composite decking materials by cutting down the energy it takes to have them manufactured and delivered. As environmental issues are a great concern among a lot of us, we make Brite™ eco-friendly decks from an innovative blend of recycled wood fibres and polymers that would ordinarily end up in landfills. As one of the leading market leaders of composite decking in Australia, Brite Decking saves almost 180 million kilograms of plastic and wood fibres from landfills each year, hence our eco-friendly composite decking boards contribute to a healthier environment. This is a fantastic benefit of composite decking materials and is something that a lot of people consider when choosing the right products for their deck.

There are so many different kinds of choices when it comes to building a deck, though there are lots of different reasons why composite decking is the right choice for you. Whatever the size of your project and whatever the look you are after, Brite Decking is the perfect choice for your decking needs. Contact us now on 1300 481 664.