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Giving Into Nature

Giving Into Nature

2019-06-05T01:23:53+08:00June 5th, 2019|Composite Decking, Outdoor Living|

Decks are a perfect addition to your natural surroundings. They can be integrated into the existing landscape, or become the foundation for a completely new garden. We’ve seen plants placed on top of, around or even within decking areas to create beautiful yet practical works of art. Plants around your deck also help create privacy, provide natural shading and bring colour to your space.

If you are nature inclined, think about:
Planter boxes: a beautiful and efficient way to house your favourite flowers in an organised manner. It also makes watering and tending to your favourite herbs, vegetables or flowers quicker and easier.

Pot plants: Pot plants give you the versatility of swapping and changing for whatever reason or season. Placement can also create entirely different environments – eg a pot plant on each corner of your deck can create dividers for an outdoor dining area, or a row of grown pot plants can create a lush wall of privacy.

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