Decks have historically been built using soft and hardwoods. Now composites, a material that combines wood and plastic offer a unique product that has more outstanding benefits. Here are the three most important benefits that make Composite the best material to buy for building an outstanding and long-lasting deck.

  1. Sustainability

One of the main advantages of these composite boards is their long lifespan, durability and guarantee for years to come. Their aesthetics will remain the same without requiring any extra oiling or staining to preserve them from the ravages of the Australian climate. Their colour doesn’t fade and the composite boards will rarely split, crack or warp. Decades of “no maintenance”……..just clean like your car.

  1. Weather Preservation

Composite Decking is quite effective in resisting harsh Australian weather conditions. Whether your home takes in the scorching heat, extreme winter or torrential rains these products are not going to be affected. These composite products have UV protection so they are not affected by the sun rays of our burning summer. Composites are not affected by rain or mould spore damage. 

  1. Resistance to External Factors

Wood deckings have many damaging external factors that dramatically affect their life spans such as moisture, moulds, mildew, and termites. None of these damaging issues affects composites.

These composite products can not be affected by moisture, oils, fats, and even animal wastes so they are very popular around pools, jetties and spas, basically anywhere a water-resistant quality is a necessity. Composites are also quick to install and are available in multiple colours and multiple surface finishes. Slip-resistant to R11 standard on all our deck products.

At Brite Decking, we understand that composite decking offers peace of mind for home and commercial business owners. They have shown a remarkable rise in popularity in the last decade in Australia (30 + years overseas) over wood decking. Moreover, these composites can be built from recycled wood material thus making the product eco-friendly too. Composite decking is available in a wide variety of colours, patterns. We can even offer customised solutions to match your business needs. They will easily fit with your home decor to always look beautiful. These deckings are a perfect solution to suit your home in every aspect.