Composite decking is a manmade decking product constructed from a mix of wood fibres, plastics and bonding agents. The mix is heated, formed into board-shaped lengths and then cooled, resulting in a decking that needs less maintenance, looks stylish and authentic, and keeps its appearance for years to come.

Composite decking is becoming more and more popular due to its stunning and customisable appearance, and because it needs far less maintenance than traditional decking. The plastic within the boards results in a more durable product that is less prone to warping or cracking. Additionally, they are splinter-free, long-lasting, and resistant to rot, stains, fading and insects.

The wood in composite decking can be anything from sawdust, wood chips and wood fibre pieces. The plastic components can be fresh or recycled, which results in this type of decking being an environmentally friendly option for deck building. Brite Decking’s patented and unique composite decking designs are a blend of reclaimed timber (45%) and a mix of used and virgin HDPE (40%). The remaining balance of materials consists of the colour additives of your choosing. Our ASA board is made of cellular PVC and dual-capped ASA. Our Bal Boards range consists of fire-retardant composites with the correct properties added for extra safety against heat and flames.

The two most popular choices for composite decking are capped and uncapped. Capped decking composite boards have a wood-plastic core and a layer of textured plastic around the board. The bottom side is uncovered for breathability and expansion in wet weather. Uncapped decking is an older style of composite decking and generally requires more maintenance. The main differences between capped and uncapped decking are that an additional layer of polymer shell is included to cover all sides of the board. Your consultant will work with you to determine the best type of composite decking for your site, weather patterns and lifestyle.

We manufacture your decking in our warehouses and will work with you from start to finish. There are two main processes for creating the decking, including:

  • Extrusion

Extrusion is a forming process in which the raw materials are mixed and forced through an opening to form the consistent size and shape that composite decking is known for. This opening is set to the measurements of the decking needed and will solidify the final product to be a perfect fit.

  • Compression moulding

Compression moulding takes the combined materials after they have been melted and are moldable, to be placed on a wood grain mould to compress under extreme heat and pressure, creating a physical bond. Compression moulding can be used to create unique patterns and textures on the board to match the visual and textural design of your deck.

Both methods result in decking that is incredibly sturdy, stylish and practical. New technology means our decking has a natural-looking grain, natural finish and the perfect natural colour scheme to suit the rest of your decking or outdoor aesthetic. Our collection complements any design or style, from classic to contemporary or somewhere in between. Choose from colours such as Charcoal Grey or Midnight to bring a modern, industrial look, Merbau or Ceder for a rustic, smooth, driftwood texture. If you’re after more Scandinavian vibes, Limewash or Silver Grey will achieve your look or Desert Sand for beachy tones. For more information on what we can achieve aesthetically through the above methods, visit here on our website.

Our installation process is simple whether you’re an expert or a first-time renovator and can be completed as soon as your composite decking is manufactured by our experienced, knowledgeable and passionate crew. We offer the option to save up to 70% off installation costs through our comprehensive installation guide, which involves a quick, easy and concealed fastening system. This results in our composite decking being easier to install and maintain than a timber deck. All you will need to install our decking are standard woodworking tools including drills, saws, sanders, a tape measure, level and cordless screwdriver, plus personal protective equipment.

Composite decking is made to be as unique as it is durable, safe and comfortable. With less heat attraction during summer and a higher grip during the rainy seasons, composite decking is the perfect solution to suit the Australian climate. With our tried-and-true manufacturing process, built on passion, experience and worldwide composite decking knowledge, our decking will take your outdoor entertainment area to the next level.

To discuss how Brite Decking’s composite decking can change how you experience the outdoors, call our friendly team on 1300 481 664, or click above to claim your free sample.