Composite decking is fast becoming one of the most popular decking choices as the need for top quality, long-lasting, simple to install, and stylish decking at affordable prices has grown. It’s easy to understand why composite decking has become the deck of choice over the past 15 years when you look at the benefits and possibilities that this innovative solution presents.

Composite decking is made from a combination of wood fiber and plastic with the wood typically coming from materials such as wood chips and sawdust. The plastic comes from recycled or new plastic materials. There are two main processes to create composite decking, including extrusion and compression molding. The extrusion process involves mixing the materials together and feeding them through an opening to produce pieces of a particular shape and size. Compression molding is the process of placing molten materials on a wood grain mold to be compressed under extreme heat to bring texture.

Composite decking has many benefits, including:

  • Stability – high resistance to extreme weather
  • Money savings – a high return of investment and less need for repairs
  • Durability – a brand new look for years to come
  • Time-saving – up to 70% quicker installs than wood decking and traditional timber
  • Low maintenance – does not require staining, oiling, sealing, or painting
  • Environmentally friendly – manufactured from recycled wood and polymer
  • Safety – anti-slip, no splinters, no nail heads
  • Seamless design – a clean look with no visible fastening to fit with any style

The outcome of cheap composite decking

The process of creating composite decking has been refined to perfection over the years. If cheaper materials or a less sophisticated process is used, the result will be subpar and lack the many known benefits that composite decking has become famous for. Well-made and genuine composite decking is made to be extremely hardy, weather-resistant, stunning in texture, and comfortable to use.

Consumer expectations over the years have forced composite decking manufacturers to develop their techniques, resulting in this decking being synonymous with close attention to detail and perfection. Settling for anything less will cost you time, money, and heartache in the long run.

There are cheaper alternatives to every project but very rarely do they match up in terms of quality, durability, and function. Composite decking is no exception. Before agreeing to go ahead with purchasing that bargain composite decking with low-quality boards, it’s important to ask yourself if how much you are paying now will cost you in the long term.

Selecting a product based on both value and quality is the most important thing when making any big changes to your home. Doing so could save you thousands in repairs, avoiding severe structural damage and the need for replacement.

Composite decking has been around for decades, yet the quality has not always been what it is known for today. Unsatisfied homeowners experienced dull colours, structural deterioration, mold, and rot as cheaper wood fibers aged. Such reports pushed composite decking innovators to switch to mineral and organic-based fillers to create a stronger, lighter, and more durable decking.

Properly constructed boards with refined materials are far less prone to deterioration, and the end caps on each board present a high waterproof barrier to resist fading and colour change in even the harshest weather conditions. When paying professional costs for a well-constructed board, you are more likely to gain a warranty to ensure lasting quality.

Composite decking is loved for its low maintenance qualities with a simple scrub or sweep being the perfect method to keeping a shining deck. Unlike traditional decking, regular sanding, painting, sealing, or staining is not required. In using a cheaper alternative, you may not experience this essential benefit.

It can be tempting as a DIY expert to go for the cheaper alternative in order to make your project as low cost as possible. Composite decking is perfect for quick installation, but that is due to the fast developments in design and construction over the past decade. Hollow boards and lightweight materials are what make composite decking easy to manage, along with a hidden clip system that allows easy fastening in a seamless way. This appearance may not be as streamlined and functional when using cheaper alternatives, with decks not fitting perfectly, clips breaking or the boards being too heavy.

When it comes to selecting the ideal deck design, there are a variety of choices on the market but few are as versatile, functional, and stylish as composite decking. Composite decks are popping up on many different commercial and residential projects, from alfresco dining areas to marinas, proving their toughness and versatility.

What you can do next if you are looking for composite decks

Composite decking is a smart investment for the planet and the value of your home. By choosing a reputable supplier for your composite decking, such as Brite Deck, you can rest assured that your decking will stand the test of time while improving your carbon footprint and future sale prospects. Homeowners can experience a return of investment on their decking by up to 62% when they sell their home, with warranties and proof of quality often transferring between owners.

When working with Brite Deck, you are guaranteed to receive a premium product. Extensive research and development along with laboratory testing and advancements in manufacturing have resulted in a product that exceeds Australian regulations. Every single one of our boards is backed by the best warranty in the industry so you can rest assured that your decking will go the distance.

The composite decking market is getting more and more populated and can range from large warehouses selling low-quality products, small businesses selling expensive, low-quality boards, and overseas suppliers selling quality yet unaffordable composite decks. With Brite Deck, you will be getting the best of both worlds – the best quality decking at affordable prices. For over 20 years we have been providing composite decking to Australian customers without the middleman, cutting almost 40% of costs to bring savings to your wallet.

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of genuine composite decking thanks to its years of development and innovation, the team at Brite Deck can help. Bring brilliant textures and incredible value to your deck by creating your dream deck from scratch.

To request a sample or discuss your decking needs with our team, simply click here or give us a call on 1300 481 664.